Home Theater

Whether a basic set-up of a television or a room dedicated for watching movies, a home theater system should fit easily and perfectly into your lifestyle. When designing or installing a media system we focus on the way you live and the way you use media in order to provide you with a custom tailored system.

Whole House Audio

A distributed audio system provides you with the ability to enjoy music throughout your home. Whether it’s a dinner party, a BBQ or just time to relax, a whole house audio system will set the mood perfectly.


Surveillance cameras help to keep your property safe and secure. Whether it’s seeing who is at your front door or viewing your cameras remotely while on vacation, there are systems and features that will bring peace of mind and perfectly fit your needs.


The options available for phone, data, internet and TV wiring can be overwhelming. We will provide the expertise to deliver the product that works optimally.

Lighting Control

A lighting control system not only helps you to conserve energy but it gives you an added level of safety, the ability to easily control all of the lights in your home, and the ability to have preset light levels.

Automatic Shades

A popular trend in home integration, electronic shades are now more affordable and convenient to install even in an existing home or office. There are also hundreds of options between fabrics, colors and styles that make it easy to match your home décor. In addition to the convenience of built-in shading you can more easily regulate the temperature in your home and conserve energy.

Commercial Audio/Video

We provide many different services for your business including data/network wiring and audio, video, security and surveillance systems. We offer flexible scheduling for installations in order to avoid any interruption of your normal business routine.